Tuesday, October 26, 2010

August Sander

I really am starting to apperrciate group portraits more and more. It showcases a lot of emotions and personality. I'm doing my reseaarch paper on Richard Avedon and i found this photographer to be on of his influences. I love the contrast and old fashinon feel. Very elegant and timeless.

Albert Watson

On friday, we had the honor to go to the "Hasted kraeutler" where Albert Watson had his work hanging up. That's why i'm doing an blog about him. He's a hig influence on me and his work takes my breath away. I love his use of light, getting the best of tonal range, But in this photo, i love the sense of pattern and use of repetition. Also a comical photo, monkeys are an interesting subject.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Richard Avedon

I chose another Avedon photo since he's all i'm thinkin' about lately. This photo is different from his famous work. I believe he shot this in the beginning of his career for reportage. I love the highlights and the composition. Also the use of horizontal frame and how the little boy fits perfect with it. The space in the dark makes the boy more active which i think is important. I didn't know Avedon was also a fantastic street photographer.

Irving Penn

Another one of the legends in photography is Irving Penn. He too had a similar idea ans style to Avedon's, this moving people out of their environment and exposing them raw. I love the expressions on the kids faces and the contrast in the print quality. The texture of the floor and backdrop looks a little rough which I like. I think he did similar to Avedon, he probably set this up outside in open shade to get a beautiful range in grays.

Richard Avedon

I'm doing my research paper on Avedon and his famous portraits so i've been looking at his image a lot this week. I read the story behind this marilyn monroe photo in the "performance" book that was made after he passed away. They were shooting and she was putting on her show of being happy and sexy witht the camera. But when the shoot was over she sat down and had this exhausted, sad, look on her and he photographed. I think it shows Marilyn's true feelings and the pain she was going through in her life. I love the tonal value and the negative space that actives her body and face.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Thomas Dworzak

This photograph was taken in 1996, but the look of it gives me a timeless, older feel. I love the perspective and angle, seems like something i would try to do. The rich contrast evokes a lot of emotion for me. I love the circular metal wheel, i think it makes the composition much more interesting. The boy himself has this care free, luxurious look about him, tho he's in dirt and a wheel.

Juergen Teller

Jergen Teller is one my favorites and has definitely inspried my decision of pursuing photography. His use of flash is brilliant and i try to mimic it with my work. I love his use of color and i can see in his photograph he's inspired by eggelston. This photo looks very similar to the one Eggelston took of the girl in field with a camera. This could possible be a tribute to the master of color photography. Juergen is the photographer for the Marc Jacobs ads and they inspire me everytime i see them.

Albert Watson

I chose another photo from Albert Watson, he's a big inspiration of mine. I hope to have as a succesful as a career as he does. This particular photo stands out to me because of its tonal value and elegance. I love how the silhouette is more of the subject and not the actual model. I think he must of manipulated the area of the face and maybe just burned there pretty long. You can still see some detail in the face. I love this photo.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Martin Parr

The colors are very vibrant and primary which really attracts me. I love how this man completes the painting and it seems so genuine that he coincidentally is standing there. I'm sure he knew the man and told him to stand there. The painting shows a lot of chaos and great, rich, colors and the little painting next to it does a lot for me. I love the juxaposition and how this man really fits in with this painting. I get a good sense of humor from it.

Ian Berry

I've been trying to focus on sense of humor in my photography. I notice i can find Irony in my photos and i want to keep exploring that. So photos like this inspire me to go that extra mile to do so. The women in their outfits makes me laugh, and it's very humorous. I love the angle he shot from, it seems like an angle I would try to shoot from. I like the textures of the dresses and the tonal range in such a low light situation. He must of had a tripod and they probably knew they were gonna be photographed. The shapes in this photo make it successful to me.

Elliot Erwitt

This photo is a classic and Erwitt is a master of the decisive moment. The negative and positive shapes do a lot for me. Very powerful. uplifting forms and gives me the feeling of what Paris must be like. I imagine this photo when I hear France or Paris. I think he knew the man jumping and had him jump and the couple were a candid shot. I would love to move to Paris and photograph like Elliot!