Monday, April 4, 2011

Lukasz Wierzbowski

I found this photographer through UrbanOutfitters, He's a 26 year old polish photographer who picked up his camera again 4 years ago after many years of not photographing! It's phenomal how brilliant and youthful his work is even tho he's self taught! He's been interested in fashion since he was 12 but then he became a dental technician then he studied psychology and then went back to his photographic roots. I love the energy and youth in his photos. He's an A+ photographer in my book.

This one I chose because of the color punctuation and I'm very drawn to the color red. I love how her square shape pops out of the black couch. The contrast between the red curtain and the white also intrigue me! Also there is a pleasant relationship between the poster and the red curtain that play really well off each other.

The color of the hand is beautiful and serene to me and I hate hands so much, i usually can't look at them. Yes I'm crazy. But the overall photo is so mysterious to me, I interpret there is some metaphorically meaning behind this photo. Maybe like a "down the rabbit hole" kind of thing? I think this photo is so simple but it's loveable from it's nature element.

 I love red. and watching it in a field flowing in the air, covering this woman's face is awesome. The white sky works perfect and it sets a mood to this photograph. I love how much the red pops out of this color scheme. I also love where the horizion line is and the unposed nature of this photo.

here's more of his work!