Thursday, January 13, 2011


William Eggelston:

The subject in this image is the parking lot it's self, there's much going on it's hard to label one item as the subject. Maybe the lights could be considered the subject matter if I had to choose one, cause your eye is caught by the white centered light. This image would be dark if in black and white and not as interesting, the sky does a lot for me in this photo and it wouldnt be the same in bw.I love the use of color in this photo, the sky has the cotton candy look to it and The "south"sign might be lit up to show the direction of the photo.I like the relationship between the sign and the pink sky, their colors look great together.

The flowers and their graceful growth is the subject in this photo. This image would not nearly be succesful if in black and white. Cause the colors do a lot for this photo, the roses would get lost in the door cause they would both be a greyish hint. I think the flowers are appropriate  they draw your eye and the sky pulls the photo in together. The neutral colors look beautiful next to the saturated red and cotton candy blue clouds.

I love his use of flash, it brings out this excitiment to the photo and the glaze colors are powerful to me. The color and radiator are the subject as far as i know. They compete together but their colors are gorgeous. I can see how one of my favorite photographers is influenced by this photographer. His washed out colors and bright flash is inspirational to me.The color of the vase goes well with thr radiator and they compete a bit but its interesting. I just love the realtionship between the two subjects, the rusted radiator and the delicate flowers. I dont think this photo would at all be successful in blac and white. It would be flat and not as interesting.

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