Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Alec Soth's assignments

Assignment one: THE TREASURE HUNT.

This photo was taken by this flickr user named mash up. I really like this picture for musuem body guard because it's so typical of what you'd expect of a body guard to do...which is sleep on the job. They must be so bored and he caught that nicely, and i love the fan in the back. Kind of shows how hot and comfortable it must to be int he guard's position. The colors are awesome and his style is more my taste then anything. I checked out his flickr and he's got really great work from the soth's from here to there.


Assignement two: tell a shorty story

I love this man's story of a guy named jesus he met. It's heart breaking you kind of lose hope in him and yourself a little. He demonstrated a powerful story with just 6 images. My favorite image is the first of the man named jesus and the introduction to his this main character is.

Assignment three: photograph a stranger and have them photograph you.

Andie Wilkinson is the photographer and tho she did not photograph a stranger, this is her friend's child, she took a gorgeous photo of a boy in the woods. I love his expression and body language and the movement of the trees and where he's placed. This is my favorite to look at. And I love that he took a picture of her at the bonfire and it came out too dark. Pretty darn PRECIOUS.


    Assignment four: photograph and narrate with words.

    This is by Jim goldberg, i like that he used handwriting, it's very personal. and this came up on his flickr and  what's written about wandering and running away with this picture of a guy giving the middle finger just matches perfectly. I feel like this man's free and doing what desires to do and to live a life he wants. But i love that after two weeks he doesnt remember why he ran away.

    My impression of these assignments are that they are really interesting a fantastic approaches to photographer and to story telling. I think it's brilliant that he kind of pushes people to show their process and this odd way of using words and having strangers photograph us to convey our journey. I want to do these challenges for myself. Alec Soth is genius.

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