Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stephen Shore

This first image, I'm sure is gonna be picked by many other students but how could it not be? The colors are astounding and the detail is crisp and textural. After watching/reading about shore I can definetly appreciate his cropping and decision making skills with this situation presented. The water mimics mountains to me, and the three layers of diagonal lines across the photo are stunning. Probably one of his best in my eyes.

For some reason this photo really intrigues me, I think it's different compared to what i'm used to seeing from Stephen Shore. I really  enojoy this image tho, I think the use of so many people with his cropping and timing strategy must have been tough to make a decisive moment.I like the mother and daughter mimicing each other with the ketchup and the girl in the red bikini looking right which draws your eye to the right side of the photo.The boy in with his arms crossed also adds some sort of feeling to this photo i can't describe. But he seems to be very appropriate in this photo.

It's really difficult to find a photograph done by Stephen Shore and pick out the flaws. He's so particular and articulate with his decisions. Eveything is in it's place for a reason with his photographs. So i can't really say what's wrong with his work. But I can tell you that I'm not really moved or inspired by this image.The colors and circles are interesting but compared to his other work, it's not as interesting to me. I think orange inspired this photo (I hate orange) but it's too ordinary for me and doesn't really make stop and think about his decisions.

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  1. FYI, the middle photograph was taken by Martin Parr, not Stephen Shore, which is probably why you had difficulties linking it with his style.