Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Caitlin Price

Her photo was mentioned in the article and I think Graham was referring to her when he said "how women use our bodies to display who we believe we should be," I think these photos show a sense of these women escaping or having affairs. In this particular photo this woman looks pensive and seems to reflect on decisions she has or will make in my perspective. I love the color of her eyes and how her face/expression is shown clearly.

This image feels real, I don't think it was set up, I think she just found this tiny woman leaving work or entering some building. I love the sense of space and making people not necessarily the subject but just show what's all around them.This is very linear and neatly presented as a photograph.

This is from her series called "washed up" which to me, shows these older/out of shape people confidently being photographed while they try to make their bodies look better in the process of tanning. But their younger years when they may have been considered "beautiful" are over but they hang on and keep trying. That's what the name of the series and photos show to me from Price. In this photo I love the colors a lot and the pink speedo and flowers work really well together. This body of work is effective to me but i'm not crazy about all the images.

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